If you go to a movie Wednesday at 1pm, it's not going to cost you as much as 9p the same night. In bars, many customers are lured in with Happy Hour prices. Uber tends to quote more on a rainy Friday afternoon when they know you NEED to get to the airport.

Surge Pricing is nothing new, but what if it became even more common in local restaurants? Bloomberg recently reported that a restaurant in London restaurant called Bob Bob Ricard is experimenting with a surge pricing model this month, with prices for the same meals being offered at a 25 percent discount during off-peak times as opposed to its busiest hours. Basically, if you wanted to eat at a nicer place which could bend the bank, you'd still go, just not on Saturday night.

In a part of the country where it seems the price of everything is rapidly escalating, could this be a new alternative to luxury?


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