Rock Stars impress people all the time, but it takes a rock star quality chef to impress a rock star.

Zachary Woodard did just that.

According to, Sully Erna of the band Godsmack has been a longtime patron of Woodard’s restaurant and during the course of many visits, Woodard and Erna became friends.

The redo of the Zachary’s Chop House restaurant comes as Erna told, “He just didn’t have the atmosphere to match the level of cooking that he can do.”

Erna lives in Windham and wanted to encourage the local chef Woodard to upscale his eatery.

Woodard paid for the improvements himself to the tune of $130,000 but couldn’t have done it without Erna’s help, who called in all his connections with contractors, many of whom had done work on Erna’s home to make it happen under budget, according to the

It should be noted that Erna was so supportive of the improvements, he offered to cover anything that went over budget.

Per reporting from, some of the contractors that worked on the Zachary’s Chop House renovations had even done work on the Godsmack HQ studio in Derry.

This Friday, Zachary's Chop House, located on Cobbetts Pond Road will have their grand opening, the news site states.

It will be operating at 50% capacity, but Woodard is confident the business will do well, even in the midst of the pandemic, according to the unionleader.

I don’t know about you, but I could go for a 32-ounce ribeye right now!  I love the story of friends helping friends.

The interesting twist is that Woodard’s friend just happened to be a music star but I think the story of friends supporting each other emotionally and making us believe in our better selves is the winner.

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