Celebrating our birthdays is a tradition that we all usually look forward to. But when you turn 90 that occasion seems extra special.

And if you’re lucky enough to have a parent reach that milestone, you want them to know just how special it is.

That’s exactly what Jenn Gagnon did.

Jenn says when her dad, Frank DeCoste of Derry, was growing up, he always listened to WOKQ and still listens to it to this day.

Frank runs his own plumbing business, and his daughter says he operates it alone. He loves the water and has lobster traps that he pulls himself in Hampton.

Jenn says he’s very active at 90 and has "amazing genes."

She and her family decided to throw Frank a surprise 90th birthday on December 13, and we’re so glad she wanted WOKQ to be a part of it!

Here are some great pictures of Frank and his family enjoying his brand new WOKQ gear.

Jenn Gagnon
Jenn Gagnon
Jenn Gagnon


Happy Birthday, Frank. Thanks for listening, and here’s to many more!