So Coronavirus may be keeping us from going to our favorite shows, but it can't stop us from bringing your favorite stars right to your living room.

It's the WOKQ Virtual Sessions, brought to you by our friends at Newburyport Bank, Journey Well.

Garth Brooks is back for another live session right here ! You need to register to watch and it's free!  Tomorrow night 7pm, Garth will give us a preview of the new cd called "Fun".

Garth also has a special surprise on this album.  He's included a cover of Shallow from "A Star is Born"!  He and Trisha have been asked to do it so many times and we now have an official version of their cover!

Garth recently picked up the Icon award at the Billboard Music Awards and gave an amazing peformance!

So, get ready to have some "FUN" with Garth Brooks tomorrow night at 7pm right here.

Thanks to our friends at Newburyport Bank, Journey Well.


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