So, the Coronavirus may be keeping us from going to our favorite shows, but it can’t keep us from bringing you your favorite artists right to your own living room!

That's right, Virtual WOKQ Sessions, produced by Newburyport Bank, is in full swing.

We're thrilled to have Old Dominion at 5:15pm today.  It's their "take a shot" livestream!  Enjoy some music and maybe a few drinks with the guys.

Old Dominion's current single is Some People Do, and it was actually co-written with Thomas Rhett. Check it out!

Matthew Ramsey from Old Dominion recently told Taste of Country that amidst all the turmoil "I have faith that kindness can bloom again."

So, get ready to relax, enjoy a drink or two, and listen to some great music at 5:15!

Thanks to our friends at Newburyport Bank, Journey Well!

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