Kids and school this year has turned into a controversial topic.  Every school is different with some fully open, some part time, some with remote learning only.

Even if your child's school is open, it's another huge decision on whether you feel it's safe to send them back or not.  If you don't feel comfortable sending them back then how do you teach them while still working?

One Maine family came up with a solution for their kids and community. reports that Sheridan Ohlson, a York mother of three, banded together with her husband and seven other families to come up with an idea that would work for all their kids.

They decided to convert their garage into a make shift classroom for nine second-graders.  One parent owned a cleaning company according to, while another had a flooring store.  There was already a bathroom so they were able to transform the space.

The families then hired a second grade teacher, each contributing $100 per week to cover the salary, cleaning supplies, and even special activities like art class,  according to the article.

Ohlson tells

“It’s going to be as normal as it possibly could be, given the situation.”

All of the kids will still remain enrolled in York Public Schools, but this will help focus the remote learning with a teacher available for face to face instruction based on the public school’s foundational curriculum resources, reports Fosters.

I think this is a great idea, and hopefully helps parents feel a little better about having to work or take care of younger children at home, and also make sure the kids are keeping up with their schooling!


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