Couldn't we all use some laughter in our lives?  New England's favorite comedian is the one and only, Bob Marley.  (I know there's another one, so I guess he's not the only one, but the other one is dead.)

Bob Marley's New Year's Eve shows are a tradition for many and this year, even in 2020, the shows are happening, only they are going to look a little different.

You can stream a New Year's Eve event from the comfort of your own home or you can buy tickets for an ACTUAL show at the Flying Monkey in Plymouth on December 31, 2020.  Here's a bit of what you'll get if you decide to stay home:

If you've not been following Bob's "Crona Watch 2020," you've missed out.  He has definitely given us some laughs in the middle of this year when we've had to give up on so many things.

In this video, Bob is dreaming of a "Brown Christmas," where the "trees are green and the cars are clean."  haha!

Bob is the real deal.  If you have lived in New England for any amount of time, you know who Bob is and I'm willing to bet that he's made you belly laugh.

Everyone has a favorite Marley story and mine is about his sister.  She was looking for a spice in the cabinet once at Thanksgiving and parts of her were sticking out for all to see.  I don't know if this is true or not, but damn, I don't care.  I love the stories about his family the most.

If you'd like to stay in this year for New Year's Eve, why not stream his show.  You're gonna love him.

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