What Fashionable Dogs Are Wearing This Winter In NH
Even though winter isn't officially here until next week, it looks like no one told Old Man Winter. It's been really cold for the past few days, and it looks like there's no real end in sight. That's great if you're a snowman...but if you're a real person...
Where Is The Best Place For Soup In Dover New Hampshire
The last few weeks, I've been in various stages of having a cold. After enduring the torture of my first dose of cough syrup since Alan Jackson was water skiing in music videos, I was all in for chicken soup today.
One problem: I haven't found  a slam dunk soup place here in Dover…
Maine Faced With Shortage Of Plow Drivers
Wanna be Mr. Plow? Maine has openings for that! A LOT of them.
Northern New England has been pelted with two storms already, and a long season will certainly wear on the fleet of plow drivers. According to a report by WGME, Maine currently has a 700 drivers on staff, but they still need over 90 more.…

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