When it comes to living in the Pine Tree State, 'food' and 'Maine' are pretty synonymous with each other. From our fresh-off-the-boat seafood to our wide-array of down-home pub-style menus, there's no shortage of delicious and eclectic food to enjoy no matter which region of the state you're visiting. Yup, there are options that will satisfy even the most finicky foodie. Is that how you spell finicky?

And it's not just Maine courses (see what I did there?) that we are famous for. Our desserts have garnered national attention, too. Take for example the world-famous Maine blueberry pie. Did you know we're one of the largest exporters of blueberries globally? Wild, eh?

Additionally, it probably won't surprise you that the great state of Maine is also home to several of the top-ranked whoopie pies on planet earth. No, really, we are! Even though it's a treat with few ingredients, we do it better than almost anybody. But don't just take my word for it.

In a recent article published by Taste Atlas, they ranked the top 11 places in the United States to snag a mouthwatering whoopie pie. And guess what? 4 of those top 11 places were right here in Vacationland.

The first Maine spot on the list was Wicked Whoopies!. Home of the 'Jumbo Wicked Whoopie', there flagship dessert is big enough to serve 12-18 people, according to their website. But it's not just the size that matters, their whoopie pies are just as delicious as they are massive! Disclaimer: They have regular sized whoopie pies, too.

Next on the list is Two Fat Cats Bakery. With locations in both Portland and South Portland,  Two Fat Cats Bakery describes their handmade whoopie pies as, 'The classic Maine dessert is made with moist chocolate cake rounds filled with a vanilla buttercream'.

The next Maine appearance in the top 11 is The Pink Pastry Shop in Maine's popular Bar Harbor. Crafting everything from cakes, cupcakes, blueberry pies, cookies, tarts and of course whoopie pies, this Cottage Street bakery can (and definitely WILL) satisfy the most hardcore sweet tooth.

Last, and certainly not least, my personal favorite from the Nation's top 11 spots to snag a whoopie pie is none other than Moody's Diner. Situated right on Route 1 in Waldoboro, Maine, Moody's Diner has been spoiling locals and folks from away since 1927 with their incredible homecooked food, not the least of which is their world-famous whoopie pie. The jury is still out on if they've been making whoopie pies since 1927 though!

Where do you think the best Maine whoopie pie is served? Let us know by sending us a message through the station app!

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