When people show their true colors, it's either refreshing or annoying.

So when I came across this Reddit post about common phrases which cause you to judge someone, I thought "well, that's annoying right there".  However, I kept reading, only to realize that so many of these phrases do cause you to stop, think, and possibly judge.

No one wants to be judged, but words are powerful, and if you don't use the proper words (or tone), people will think a certain way about you. It is what it is (one of those phrases we're talking about).

Here are some of the most mentioned phrases causing judgement, and why.

1.)  "We are a great company who cares about our employees".  This should be reserved for the employee to say, if it's true.  If the company has to say it, it's probably a spin tactic.

2.) "Do you know who I am?"  This is the ultimate dirtbag move.  That sentence will turn 99.9% of the people you say it to into haters, because it's 100% ego talk.

Nik G via Unsplash.com
Nik G via Unsplash.com

3.) "Do you know who my father is?"  Never use your parents to get you out of situation. Stand on your own feet and be accountable.

4.) "We're like family here."  Whether it's a business or large group of friends, there's always dissension, so do you really have each other's backs no matter what?

5.) "I hate drama! Keep drama away because I have no room for drama! No drama for me!"    That's the definition of drama.

6.) "For all intents and purposes", "mute point", "irregardless", "I could care less."  These phrases just make you sound uneducated.  Malapropisms can actually be humorous if you know the person is purposely trying to get a laugh.  Yogi Berra was the king of twisting phrases in good fun, but the wrong person using the wrong words can be a disaster.

7.) "I am being brutally honest."  Oh, is that for your benefit or mine? Does this mean you're usually not honest?


8.) "Trust me."  Why would I do that if you haven't earned my trust yet?

9.) "I have no filter."  Thanks for the warning, but it only makes you sound like a jerk.  I'm walking away now.

10.) "It's just a joke."  The chances are pretty high that it was an insensitive comment, so think twice before you use that line again.

Maybe we should all reflect on the phrases we're using to keep us believable and trustworthy, at least to those we are closest to.  Carry on (dang, that's another one).

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