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To kickstart this recruitment series, you got to learn about Townsquare Media from a proposal and content producer’s perspective (that’s me!). As I highlighted in my experience with Townsquare Media, we all have different passions and talents that propel us to succeed.

Since we all are a little different, I’m going to share with you the viewpoint from account executives and marketing strategists for those of you who may be more interested in a career in sales, because Townsquare Media has something for everyone.

The Life of a Sales Account Executive at Townsquare Media

As someone with three kiddos under the age of 7 who call her “mama," a career with flexibility was non-negotiable for Miranda Goodspeed, an account executive with Townsquare Media in Portland, Maine.

Working at Townsquare Media Northern New England, which has offices in Augusta and Portland, Maine, and Dover, New Hampshire, has granted her a work-life balance that seems too good to be true, but it is true.

The flexibility of a hybrid work environment allows her to stay at home with her children when she needs to, leave early for appointments, and never have to stress or worry about not being there for her kids or her co-workers.

The company and leaders ensure everyone’s needs are met and that we have a high quality of life in and out of the office.

Townsquare Media
Meghan Morrison, Townsquare Media

Here at Townsquare, we always celebrate achievements together as a team, like raising $57,078 for the Maine Cancer Foundation for breast cancer in October 2021.

A Balance of Work & Play at Townsquare Media

Whether it’s personal or work-related, the Townsquare Media team is there for you.

Miranda ran her first triathlon in 2019. To cheer her on, the team posted about it on the office TV to show their support and encouragement, and the vice president of sales put together a bake sale to donate to her fundraising goal.

As she shared with me, she is grateful to have both an at-home and in-office family that supports her through all her endeavors.

Townsquare Media
Miranda Goodspeed, Townsquare Media

Miranda has been working in media for 14 years and stumbled into Townsquare when the company bought the market she was employed in Connecticut. For the past 4½ years, Miranda has been happy to reside in the Townsquare Portland market here in Maine.

As an account executive, Miranda acts as a consultant for clients to help build a strategy that works to reach their goals.

“One of the things I love most about my job is meeting new people, learning about different industries, and engaging with our community here in Maine. We get to create new experiences with clients and help local businesses grow. Not only do I enjoy the work I’m producing, but I get to see the outcome of helping those in our local community to thrive and be successful,” Miranda shared.

Townsquare Media Provides the Resources You Need to Succeed at the Job

Michelle Buck, an account executive who also calls the Portland market home, shares the same passion for helping local businesses to flourish.

Townsquare Media
Michelle Buck, Townsquare Media

As a marketing strategist, Michelle is constantly searching for opportunities to help businesses grow, to problem-solve for her clients, and to build and nurture relationships within the community.

Townsquare Media has aided in her success by providing opportunities to step outside of her role and granting her the freedom to step into leadership to expand her strengths and talent.

She is a product of something Townsquare Media prides itself in, and that’s promoting talent within.

Townsquare Media Provides Room for Growth

Michelle has been working in the Portland office for 13 years but started as an assistant business manager before being promoted within the company into a thriving sales position.

Michelle recently graduated from Rising Through the Ranks, a women’s radio leadership course that is only available to 20 people per year. She was supported by the Townsquare team, and the vice president of sales wrote a letter of recommendation highlighting why she would be an ideal candidate; they recognize achievements and are a hands-on aid for your professional growth and career.

What has really stood out to Michelle is the transparency and support of the company. The leadership in Townsquare encourages you to move forward and move up in your roles and will coach you to reach those goals.

“They always say yes to everything”, Michelle shared.

Whether it’s regional management calls, training for other markets, or taking on new responsibilities, the company not only encourages growth but provides the resources needed to succeed.

So… What are YOU waiting for? Apply now to be part of this vibrant team so you can have a job you can brag about, too. It’s easy, just follow the instructions here. You’ve got nothing to lose but a whole lot to gain.

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