I moved to New Hampshire from Massachusetts just a few months ago. It's not like I am from a foreign land! Granite Stater's don't like to admit it, but people from New Hampshire have a lot more in common with Massholes than they might think. We root for the same sports teams, we need to arm ourselves for the same brutal Winters, and we enjoy the same kinds of sandwiches.

I wanted to narrow down the top ten things that you are likely to find SPECIFICALLY in New Hampshire homes. I decided to ask the people who would know best. Co workers and listeners who have lived in the Granite state for 10 years or more. Take a peek at our list and feel free to add any items we missed in the comments.

A Jar of Fluff

Credit 2k

A fluffernutter sandwich is a New Hampshire delicacy. We appreciate the simpler things in life.

A Roof Rake

Yes, people in New Hampshire have to rake the snow off their roofs in the Winter. Oh, the pleasures of Northern New England!

Bag Balm

Ma said it cures everything.

Market Basket Bags

Jeannie Carbaugh via Facebook

Wet bathing suit? Lunch bag? MB bags can be used for anything and everything.

At least 1 picture of the old Celtics

Danny Ange, Larry Bird era.

REAL Maple Syrup

Spring Harvest Maple Farm via Facebook

Nothing against Aunt Jemima (if that is still her name) but Granite Stater's top their pancakes with the real stuff.

"This Car Climbed Mt Washington" Sticker

Technically this is on the car in the driveway but it still counts.

A Patriots Jersey or some form of Memorabilia

Getty Images

In grumpy Bill we trust.

A Big 'Ol Bottle of Booze

Yep, we take full advantage of the NH State Liquor Store and everyone else is jealous.

L.L Bean Boots (or some heavy duty Winter boot)

LL Bean

I learned the hard way my fake Uggs (or Fuggs) just weren't going to cut it.

How many of these do you have in your house?

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