Angela Ciccone‎ took to the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page to share a photo of her 10-year-old Valentina. Together they cleaned their entire street in East Hampstead, New Hampshire. The response and appreciation from their community has been astounding.

Angela Ciccone‎u via local New Hampshire
Angela Ciccone‎u via local New Hampshire

The post went on to explain the volume of garbage they found while cleaning and it was really upsetting to hear. They tallied:

  • over 100 beer and liquor bottles
  • 50 vape cartridges
  • numerous wine boxes
  • 40 Dunkin cups and straws
  • lighters
  • 2 plungers
  • 2 coolers.
  • a pair of underwear

We can giggle about the underwear but in all seriousness that is disgusting! We need to clean up our act. Thank you so much to the dream team, Valentina and her mom Angela. The world needs more people like you. Mother Earth thanks you!

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