I always love hearing stories of how animals get their names! Sometimes the tales are very sweet and sentimental, like my friends who named their beagle 'Kiefer' as a nod to their Scottish roots (the name translates to "beloved" in Gaelic). And then there are dog owners who prefer to go the "punny" route with names like 'Jimmy Chew','Bark Twain', or 'Indiana Bones'. Then you have folks who name their pooch something strange for no other reason other than that it makes them laugh. One time I met a dog named 'Grandma'. Saying "nice to meet you, Grandma" to a French Bulldog and asking her owner "Does Grandma like belly rubs?" was both odd and hilarious.

It's always a solid move to name your dog after a place you are from or fond of. There are so many places in New Hampshire with unique names. Some of them you can just shorten by one syllable, and voila! You have the perfect dog name. If you live in or love the Granite State, you are going to think these New Hampshire-inspired dog names are all kinds of awesome.

14 New Hampshire-Inspired Dog Names

If you are looking to add a new four-legged friend to your family and want to give them a name that reps some 603 pride, here are some awesome New Hampshire-inspired dog names.

Gallery Credit: Kira

Do you have a dog who has a New Hampshire-inspired name? Let us know in the comments.

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