According to The Conway Daily Sun, last week, a family from Pennsylvania was hiking on the Boott Spur trail on Mt. Washington with their two dogs, a Labradoodle and a St. Bernard.

The 150 pound St. Bernard named Jack had hurt his hind paws pretty badly and it was clear he wasn't going to make it down the mountain without some assistance, the article stated.

Eight people spent nine hours on Mount Washington helping the wounded dog down the trail, according to The Conway Daily Sun. This job required a doggie stretcher, and lots of verbal affirmations. "You're a good boy, Jack! You can do it!" was said more times than one could count, the newspaper reported.

Those who helped rescue the dog are not hikers and Boott Spur Trail is not for the faint of heart. They described the first portion of the trail to be like "climbing up a ladder 30 feet straight up," according to the newspaper.

They just took their time and kept their end goal in mind which was to bring this animal to safety.

Thankfully Jack is going to be okay. The article reminds us that emergency assistance is not always available when a dog gets hurt out on the trail.

If you plan to hike with your canine, it is important to bring all of the essentials and be prepared for any scenario.

  • clean water
  • water bowl
  • high energy treats
  • pet first aid kit
  • bandages
  • dog boots
  •  dog  ID tags
  •  Hike Safe card

I didn't realize dog boots are a thing! Chio said he thinks they sell them at Kittery Trading Post.

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