When one thinks of foods in Maine the first items that come to mind include lobsters, blueberries, chowdAH, and maybe whoopie pies. One delicious treat that is often looked over is ice cream.

First, we are home to Gifford's which is arguably a Maine summer staple as they stock our frozen grocery aisles and may of our local ice cream stands.

Then there's the iconic Fielder's Choice. It's rare to not see a line coming out of this baseball-themed ice cream shop. What makes them so iconic and leaves tourists and locals coming back year after year and spreading the word is their giant portions! Feeling extra hungry and want a large? I can almost guarantee you that a small is plenty.

I'll never forget leaving the ordering responsibility up to an ex while I snagged us a picnic table. He forgot about the massive portions and got me a medium. I kid you not that the people in line looked at him wide-eyed bringing my ice cream back to me. I may have eaten half of it.

There are so many great ice cream stands it's so hard to pick a favorite. Personally, I always say my favorites are the ones I grew up going to. Like Round Top in Damariscotta. I feel an extra sense of pride ordering their Eagle Tracks in honor of my high school mascot. Then there's The Jefferson Scoop near Damariscotta Lake Beach Park. Just a quick walk from the beach on a hot summer day. Absolute perfection and, spoiler alert, they made the list below.

We polled our listeners about their favorite ice cream stands and these were the top vote-getters in each county. Hopefully, it gives you an idea of where to stop during your summer adventures this year.

Some are already open, others you may have to wait until Memorial Day. With staffing shortages statewide always double-check before visiting!

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