Do you monitor what your kids are doing online? is reporting on the arrests of Kyle Slogle, aged 21 of Concord and Brandon Foster, aged 18 of Pittsfield in connection with a Facebook message regarding a possible shooting threat aimed at Concord High School.


Officials said they believe the threat was an act of revenge. A relative gained access to the account holders’ site to post the message according to Both Slogle and Foster have been charged with conspiracy to commit criminal threatening, misuse of a computer or network, and false public alarm. It is not been released yet as to how the relative gained access to the social media site or the contents of the threat.


Now is a good time to check your passwords and make sure you have your social media profiles on lockdown to ensure this doesn’t happen to you. It might also be a great starting point to have a talk with your kids about their use of social media and the effects and seriousness of their actions and posting on social media.





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