Last June Christina Fay was arrested for mistreating 84 Great Danes that were living in her estate in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire. The dogs lived in her mansion in what the police describe as absolute squalor. Their nails were overgrown, they were underfed and some were even caked in feces.

After a two week trial in Carroll County Superior Court, it didn't take jurors long to convict Christina Fay on 17 counts of animal cruelty. According to WMUR, a judge ruled Fay responsible for paying back 2 million dollars for the care of the animals.

In my opinion, the punishment fits the crime. However, we all want to hear a truly happy ending for these beautiful animals. This happy ending entails finding new owners that will love them and make sure they are healthy for the rest of their Great Dane days.

The good news is that the case is finally wrapping up and 20 of the Great Danes have already found new homes. The New Hampshire Humane Society has decided not to disclose the organization they are working with to place these animals due to ongoing safety concerns for staff.

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