In a sign that New Englanders are determined and resilient, Miss Hampton Beach 2020 was crowned in an outdoor event last Sunday, July 26th according to  The list of things we lost in 2020 is so long, I am so glad for these girls that the pageant could go on and we didn’t have to skip it.  Kudos to the organizers who had to make some changes to make it happen, like not utilizing the stage because of social distancing.  But the show must go on as they say in show business.


This year’s winner is Anna-Marie Alukonis, age 18, of Lynn, Massachusetts.  There were 11 contestants. Runners up included Sophia Rose Litle, Carly Liquori, and Grace Adeline Paradis. The pageant has been going on for 74 years and I am pleased that the tradition was able to continue this year.  Little Miss Hampton Beach was awarded to Riley Quinn LeFevre.   Reporting from says Alukonis attended Lynn Classical School and will be attending Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts to study nursing.  Smart girl to study nursing, we certainly need them.

She says “I am shocked, surprised and I feel great.  I started competing eight years ago in the Junior Miss Pageant.  I have placed before but never won.  I kept coming back for the experience, and for the fun.”  I think it’s great that the girls could go on and compete this year despite the chaos.  What a great bonding experience for all the young women that competed, and they will have some fond memories of 2020, not just dark ones.


Maybe it’s a sign that we will one day soon return to normal.



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