Are you a fan of the fiddle? What about bluegrass music? Perhaps you don't even really know what the fiddle sounds like or where bluegrass came from or entails.

Bluegrass music started in the 1600's in Ireland, Scotland, and England, according to the Bluegrass Heritage Foundation. It landed in the United States in the 1900's, when Bill Monroe established what bluegrass music entailed: a mandolin, banjo, fiddle, guitar, and bass, according to the Foundation.

The center of all bluegrass music came from Monroe's mother, who played the one instrument that built the foundation for bluegrass: the fiddle.

Today, the fiddle can be heard in some of the biggest music groups around the world. The Zac Brown Band uses a fiddle in nearly every song they produce. Their music brings country, bluegrass, and rock together.

Then there is the Charlie Daniel Band - "the Devil Went Down to Georgia." Who doesn't know that song? Judah and the Lion is one of my favorite fiddle playing bands.

If you love the fiddle, and over the past few years I have found out that I do, you would certain love the New Hampshire Fiddle Ensemble.

The NH Fiddle Ensemble is celebrating their 13th year in 2022, having "grown to over 100 people ages 5 to 95, singing and playing fiddle, guitar, banjo, mandolin, bass, harp, cello and more," according to their website.

In their 13th year, the NH Fiddle Ensemble has five shows planned for this spring and summer. Their performances kick off this weekend, Saturday April 30th, at the town hall in Exeter, NH, and will benefit the NH Children's Trust.

Tickets can be purchased on their website.

Their other shows include:

  • Sunday, May 1, Westbrook Performing Arts Center in Westbrook, Maine.
  • Saturday, May 7, Star Theatre in Kittery, Maine.
  • Thursday, August 4, as part of Music in the Parking Lot Concert Series in Saco, Maine.
  • Sunday, August 7, at the Sunflower Festival in Lee, New Hampshire.

To get tickets, contact the ensemble, and learn more, check them out here.

Correction: A previous version of this story stated that one of the shows at Star Theatre in Kittery, Maine, was on Saturday, May 1. It is in fact Saturday, May 7.

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