So, what's worse? 70 MPH winds and beach erosion, or a foot and a half of snow? Not asking for a friend. In fact, here in New Hampshire, we are getting both.

Just when you thought we were out of the woods, here we go again. According to WMUR, Snow flurries are set to start tomorrow afternoon and lift northward. Mixing next to the shoreline is possible, with a brief change to rain. Heavy snow falls throughout the night, and wraps mid morning Thursday. During the peak, snowfall amounts will average one to two inches per hour. Beach erosion is possible against an already battered seacoast area.

The next question: What kind of snow? Easy to shovel/plow? Fluffy. Keith Carson of Portland's News Center 6 took the wheel on this one.

Accumulation was originally limited to around six to eight inches, but as the storm has drawn closer, those totals continue to skyrocket. Now calling for a foot to a foot and a half!

For a more scientific view, see below.

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