Hopefully, you were one of the lucky ones who got to enjoy a 3-day Labor Day weekend.  If so, can you describe it in just three words?  

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Thursday At The New Hampshire Food Bank

Food Bank
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Mark and I are taking the Big Morning broadcast on the road Thursday morning.  We'll be broadcasting live from the New Hampshire Food Bank for 'Go Orange Day.' Everyone is encouraged to wear orange to help bring awareness to the issue of hunger in our communities. Learn all about September = Hunger Action Month.

Get Up And Go Red!

Arielle, Cheryll and 2K
Arielle from Seacoast Harley Davidson, Cheryll from American Heart Assoc. and 2K

Friday, September 19th, hope to see you at Seacoast Harley Davidson for the 2014 Seacoast Go Red Breakfast. I'm honored the American Heart Association asked me to host this event.  Heart disease is the #1 killer of women, taking 1 out of 3 lives each year.  If you're like me, heart disease has hit my family and my friends.  There's going to be a heart healthy breakfast, motivational speakers, a silent auction and a lot more. There is limited seating, so get your tickets now!

Top News Stories

Pilot And Passenger Killed In Small Plane Crash
Two people have been killed in a small plane crash in North Hampton. Officials say a Cessna 180 crashed yesterday morning during takeoff from the Hampton Airfield. The pilot has been identified as 77-year-old David Ingalls.  The passenger has been identified Bruce Anderson.  Both victims lived in Kingston. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating.

Franklin Pierce U. Reaches Out To Students
Franklin Pierce University is reaching out to displaced students from Lebanon College, which recently canceled classes for the fall semester. Franklin Pierce has set up a tuition discount and credit transfer package. Lebanon College officials canceled classes last month, saying it was the first step toward closing the college.

LePage To Speak At Energy Forum
Maine Gov. Paul LePage, along with the two candidates vying to replace him will lay out their positions on energy and the environment at an event this month. The three are scheduled to speak at the E2Tech event on Sept. 12 at University of Southern Maine's Hannaford Hall in Portland.

Stupid News

The 'Worst Kid in the World' goes to a 10-year-old in China.  The boy was upset that a maintenance worker was making too much noise outside the window of his high rise apartment.  The young man was trying to watch his cartoons but the wor

Joke du Jour

A dad commented to his teenage daughter after she was talking on the phone for 30 minutes.  The dad said:  Gee, that was a short call.  You usually spend more time than that on the phone.  The daughter said, "yeah, you're right, but this was a wrong number!"

Coming Up Wednesday

We'll have more tickets to giveaway to the Rochester Fair.  Wednesday, we'll be talking to Russ Osgood, who is at the helm of the 5th Annual Sarah's Ride.


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