I came across this ThrillList article and thought for sure there would be more than one restaurant from the New England region. But, I was wrong, and to top it off, I've never heard of the one Massachusetts restaurant that actually did make the cut!

The article listed the 31 Best Burger Joints in America. Not one eatery from New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont, Connecticut or Rhode Island was apparently up to par for the burger expert.

However, White Hut in the western part of the Bay State was apparently good enough to garner 1 of the 31 coveted spots for the article.

I grew up in Massachusetts and admittedly have never spent much time in the western part of the state, so I've never heard of White Hut. But, apparently, it's a big deal to those that know about it. Maybe a road trip is in my future!

Credit Think stock
Credit Think stock

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