I've said it before and I'll say it again, Jeopardy is my love language! My family used to watch it together after dinner and my mom and dad still watch it together every night. (awww!) There is nothing like the excitement of seeing a local person be a contestant on the show. When that happens, it feels like we have a horse in the race. (well, a human being) and you can't help but root for that human to succeed.

According to the Portland Press Herald, our wish is coming true this Friday (3/26) because 35-year-old Susan McMillan, an Arabic translator from Portland, is competing on the show.

She took the 50-question qualifying test online just as the pandemic hit last year. She believes she got at least 40 correct. NOT TOO SHABBY! Even though she did well on the test, she told the Portland Press Herald in a phone interview, that a record number of people took the test in 2020 so that made her chances of getting on the show pretty slim. But low and behold back in December she got that faithful call from Los Angeles inviting her to come on the show. Spoiler Alert: she accepted!

Susan did a lot of studying in preparation and brushed up on topics like classical music, ballet, and opera. She didn't reveal to the paper how she did so I guess we are just going to have to watch and find out! Dr. Oz is the guest host on Susan's Jeopardy debut.

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