The yellow lab named Liberty will comfort victims of crimes, and accompany officers at community events.

According to WMUR News 9, the Granite State will soon have the state’s first comfort dog for a police department. "Liberty," a yellow lab is currently training with Hero Pups, a non profit organization based in New Hampshire, will join law enforcement in Concord.

Concord's Police Chief, Bradley Osgood told WMUR he doesn't expect to request money for "Liberty," as between Hero Pups, and other donations, the costs are covered. Earlier this week, Liberty was introduced to the Concord City Council.

Laura Barker, founder of Hero Pups told WMUR “This is a little bit out of our wheelhouse, but how could we miss an opportunity to be able to help so many hundreds of people every year?”

The four month old puppy is expected to be with the department full-time by next spring. The public can meet "Liberty" October 26th at Concord's Halloween Howl.

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