You know the old saying, a dog is a man's best friend, and a puppy is even better, especially a cream-colored Golden Retriever.

A four-year-old Nashua boy who suffers from a bad heart got the surprise of his life on Thursday, according to WMUR TV.

Mikey Grover has a congenital heart condition and has already gone through two open heart surgeries, the news station reported. Mikey was given a puppy Golden Retriever named Nash to help him, provide companionship and put a smile on his face every day.

Whoever thought of this idea is genius because when you see this video on WMUR TV you'll wanna get one for yourself.

There is no better dog breed on planet earth. My family and I are on our third Golden.

Mikey's dad Tom Grover, who has an amazing attitude about his boy's condition, told WMUR TV, "It's just like any other normal family, with a little extra medicine thrown in in the morning."

The puppy was given to Mikey by the Heart Warrior Foundation, the news station reported. The foundation was created by two Nashua police officers who also have kids with heart trouble.

According to Sgt. Mathew Difava of the Heart Warrior Foundation, he told WMUR that they have "seen what little things mean in the hospital and outside to make these kids smile, so that's kind of what we're shooting for."

There is no doubt this puppy will do the trick.

With all the craziness surrounding Mikey, having a puppy will be great for him and his entire family. What a great story.

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