Who else is ready for a ton of snow in the Granite State?

That's right, the fresh powder will be covering New Hampshire like it does every winter. A blanket of white just draped over everything everywhere. And that includes the roads...

Of course, that also means that you're bound to come across a bunch of different types of drivers, too.

And you don't want to come across all of them.

Let's take a look at five drivers you'll see on New Hampshire roads this winter.

Are you one of them? Have you seen one recently?

5 Drivers You'll See on New Hampshire Roads This Winter

There are definitely other types of drivers we didn't even highlight, so feel free to let us know some more categories we should have/could have listed.

And you may not even need to go out during a storm either. You can always check out the latest cancellations and delays, courtesy of WMUR, by clicking the button below.

Stay safe out there if you have to be on the road. And watch out for those drivers!

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