Many of us know how quick those 'Freshman 15' can sneak onto your hips and thighs. Here are some quick and easy tips for keeping off the weight the dreaded '15.'

1. Food is Not Love!


If you're living away from home for the very first time, no doubt, this will be very emotional time in your life. Do NOT EAT YOUR STRESS! Call your parents, get outside and get some fresh air, write a letter, just don't waste your calories on high fat/high calorie foods.

2. Stock Up That Mini Fridge With Healthy Options


Get ahead of your class projects and papers, that way, the stress of deadlines won't have you running to your nearest convenience store for junk food. Always keep that mini fridge full of healthy snacks like peanut butter, humus, veggies and fruits.

3. The Most Important Meal of the Day


We've had this drilled into our heads for years, but it's true. DO NOT SKIP BREAKFAST!  Do not go to your morning classes on an empty stomach. You're in college now, you need as much energy as you can possibly get.

4. Dining Hall...Friend or Foe?


Don't become a slave to those vending machines. Salad bars are a great option, but don't go overboard on cheese, bacon, croutons and other high-calorie add-ons. And, it's OK to grab a slice of pizza every now and then. Portion control is very important.

5. Move It, Move It


It seems like college students are always crunched for time. Between classes, studying, work and of course, downtime, your calendar is booked pretty tight. However, you MUST make time for exercise. Physical activity helps control weight, improves your mood and controls stress. Many universities have excellent fitness centers available for students, but you don't have to become a gym rat. Instead of taking the bus or driving to class, walk or ride your bike.


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