After 3 Days, over 180 miles of cycling, and a ton of banana & peanut butter, I finished the Trek Across Maine.

Credit: Andy Austin
Colby College

Since 1985, the American Lung Association has sponsored an amazing journey from Sunday River to Belfast. It's a travelling circus of cyclists of all levels, bonded together for a cause greater than the nearly 2,000 participants. While there were a few moments I wasn't able to capture, (like the rear brakes smoking on a steep downhill/sharp corner many signs warned to take slow...but I failed to listen) there were a number of wonderful sights. Here are 5.


Rumford, Maine
Credit: Andy Austin

5. Rumford - I've always been a huge fan of this town. Plus, step outside town a few miles, and the scenery is breathtaking.

Credit: Andy Austin
Day 2 Bridge

4. Day 2 Bridge - If you're going to get a shot on day 2, it better be from this one lane bridge. I never did get the name :)

Credit: Andy Austin

3. Burnout Bonanza - Mainers love to lay rubbah. This house in Liberty had the best. Trust me, it's even more epic facing uphill. However, On 3,000 ft elevation Day 3, I wasn't up for hill repeats.

Credit: Andy Austin
Fathers Day

2. Father Knows Best - With the ride happening over Father's Day weekend, a dad wheeling his kids across Maine seemed more than awesome. This dad WON Father's Day.

Credit: Andy Austin
Belfast, Maine

1. This is The End - After 182 miles, the cold Maine ocean was a welcomed sight!


Honorable mention: Gazing balls. Mainers must lead the nation in them. They didn't make the list because there was over a dozen to choose from.