The first time I went to Harvey's for breakfast it was the weekend before Halloween so the entire staff was dressed as characters from "The Wizard of Oz". Before I even tasted the miracles that come out of that kitchen, I knew these were my kind of people.

If you've been to Harvey's you know why I feel so strongly about it but if you haven't been here are some reasons why it should be your next breakfast destination:

Reason #1

The french toast will be happy to see you.

Reason # 2

They treat you right on your birthday.

Reason #3

The portions are delightfully generous.

Reason #4

On your way out you can swing by the bakery and grab some goodies for the road. Speaking from experience, the whoopie pies are life changing.

Reason #5

Their baked goods make the best gifts for any and all occasions!

Yesterday for the day of love I headed to Harvey's and picked up these two adorable mini cakes for me and my Valentine. They even put our nick names for each other in icing for no additional charge! (please don't make fun of our lame nicknames for eachother)

Almost too cute to eat right? But we ate them anyway.

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