Here we go, people!

I likes me my food, and growing up in Texas, we had a good amount of places to choose from.

Most of these I haven’t been able to have since I was a kid and I would LOVE to see these places pop up here in New Hampshire!

Whataburger: It’s fast food, but we loved it all through high school up until the time I moved away from Dallas at 21. Whataburger with cheese, no tomatoes, with mustard on a toasted bun. I think the diced onions were what made if for me. Late night (2am) breakfast was always a good call at Whataburger.

Whole Foods: There’s only two in New Hampshire (Nashua and Bedford) but there needs to be more! Yes, it’s a place to get healthy organic food, but I’m in it for the fact that you can have a little wine while you shop or sit down and eat an entire meal there. Some even have a craft beer bar in them, too. The salad bar is amazing and the hot food bar is great. I used to go there and pick up something for lunch and get a big scoop of mashed potatoes and gravy for one of my coworkers. She loves her mashed potatoes and gravy, and it was always fun to see her face light up when I walked in and surprised her with it.

The Palm: You wanna go big with a nice steak meal? The Palm is your place. I’ve only been to the one in Nashville, and there isn’t one in New Hampshire. Closest is Boston. You want a fancy pants steak? Get the fillet Oscar medium with any of the sides and you can’t go wrong.

Sadie’s: You want amazing New Mexican food? Sadie’s is IT!! We lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico for a long time and the food there is amazing! Green Chile, Red Chili or a mix of both sauces would knock you out! Anything can come covered in it from tacos, to burritos to steak and it would be amazing. It’s crazy because it can be so spicy hot, but it tastes so good you can’t stop. This is where I learned to drink milk or eat a piece of bread to get the burn out of your mouth. Ha.

The Old Salty Dog: This place is in Florida and was featured on Man vs Food. It’s burgers, chicken and fish…and yes…Hot Dogs. Not just any hot dog but a quarter pound hot dog DEEP FRIED with sauerkraut, bacon, grilled onion, mushrooms, and your choice of cheese. I’ve never been able to finish one. When I was living in Florida we would hit up this place. It was on the water and the food is great.

What other places do you wish were in New Hampshire?

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