Wind/flooding, over a foot of snow, and we're still scraping our windshields. This has how we have March'd in 2018. Here's 5 reasons why it's driving us bonkers.

5. It's Not Fun Anymore : "Pleeease, let it stop!" If there's one thing that might unify this part of the country, it won't be the Pats, Celtics, Bruins, (okay, maybe the Bruins right now) or Red Sox. However, it WILL be across the board social media anger on the prospect of another foot of snow. Termites might be more welcomed guests at this point.

4. Opening Day: Speaking of sports, the New Hampshire Fisher Cats and Portland Sea Dogs home openers will be exactly a month away tomorrow. Yes, a LOT can happen in a month, but it's not like they're playing in dome stadiums. Just sayin'.

3. Tapped Out On The Plow Out: A lot of people have made bank this winter on plowing. Great for them, but I think I speak for a lot of people who have spent more on snow removal this season than they thought they would. When it comes to those moving the white stuff, even most of them will admit this is terrible snow to push. Let's move on.

2. "Dude, Where's My Lawn?": I was excited. There it was, my lawn. I almost made plans to rake it. Throw in a few more 70 degree days, and I'm full song into spring maintenance. Yeah, that was February 26th. Thanks to a few feet of snow, the only green I'll be bleeding for the foreseeable future will be Celtics green.

1. We're "Just Gonna Send It!": Listen, I think Larry Enticer is hilarious. Open faced helmet with a mullet blazing out the back, jumping things he shouldn't on a 1981 Yamaha. The problem with that IRL, is the fact that we're so fed up with winter, we no longer respect it. Take the entertainment center you've been trying to assemble for 4 hours. After hour 4, you care less with perfection, and more about the accomplishment. That's it. We're all trying to accomplish winter. However, letting your attention to detail slide tomorrow, may get you in a far deeper situation than just a whack looking entertainment center. Be careful.

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