Catching a 600 lb tuna really wasn't on the to do list for Captain Ross Alex and his crew. According to WABI, they headed off the coast of Belfast, Maine, on a quest for lobster bait. What happened next was VERY unexpected. Instead of catching the smaller fish they had set out for, they caught a monster of a tuna in their net.

The article explained that there was a little problem with this. By law, they were supposed to release this catch. However, they knew that the tuna wasn't going to survive because it was so entangled in their net. They hated to see such a big fish go to waste! So they made a call to the Maine Marine Patrol and explained their unique situation. They were given the go ahead to keep the fish! OH HAPPY DAY. The article said the fish was worth an estimated $10,000 but after bringing it in and cutting it up they decided to go in a different direction.

Doug Shartzer via Facebook

The 600 lb tuna (350 pounds of fresh meat) was donated to the Belfast Soup Kitchen. Blue Fin Tuna, Rice, and local bok choy was on the menu! NOM NOM NOM!

Belfast Soup Kitchen via Facebook

Captain Alex Ross said:

“It’s not about the money always in life. It’s about helping other people, too, that can’t really do much, and they don’t have much. We live in a really good community, you know? And I’m really happy to be here."

It is amazing to hear that they were able to help so many people with this happy accident!


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