We all want to be a kid again and these New Hampshire spots are just the place to transport you back to that childhood. You are never too old to appreciate having some good old-fashioned fun like when you were a kid.

New Hampshire has an awesome selection of destinations that you can take the kids to, but secretly you just want to go anyway. Anyone who grew up in the Granite State has visited at least one of these places. Have you?

1. Storyland (Glen, NH)

Storyland is one of those theme parks you really can't find anywhere else. What kid doesn't want to visit Mother Goose or petting all of the famous storybook animals? It is one of those experiences I still remember, even as the responsibilities of life continue to crush my soul.

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2. Funspot (Laconia, NH)

This is one of those places that, for nerds like me, will always be a destination. Funspot is the largest arcade in the world, but I didn't even know (or care) about that as a little guy. All I needed to know about was the cup of tokens in my hand and the seemingly endless supply of arcade machines to put them in. Now I have to worry about which account to put my paycheck into as it gets shredded apart by taxes.

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3. Santa's Village (Jefferson, NH)

Christmas anytime of the year? Now that is what I call a good time in New England. As an adult I have to dress up like Santa Clause for Christmas parties, but as a kid I got to believe he was actually this benevolent diety that gave out toys every year. Your are never too old to appreciate the magic of Christmas, but you can be too old to sit on his lap.

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4. Canobie Lake Park (Salem, NH)

Two words: Turkish Twist. That was the ride of all rides to my younger, thrill-seeking self. Everyone gets spun around so fast that they literally stick to the walls and hang there like a sock stuck to your chest after drying. Canobie Lake Park was one of those places you always hoped your school would choose for a field trip. I was a bit too scared to ride the thrill rides back then, but now I can experience the action of parking in Boston. Almost as exciting.

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5. Water Country (Portsmouth, NH)

You. Will. Never. Get. Their. Song. Out. Of. Your Head. It would come on all the time when I watched television as a kid and now it rings in my skull forever. I can literally recite the entire thing from memory. Every New Englander knows that catchy jingle, and has visited Water Country to cool off in the summer. All you had to worry about was putting on enough sun lotion, rather than the upcoming medical checkup where your doctor says you are medically obese.

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6. Clark's Trading Post (Lincoln, NH)

This is the quintessential New England experience for kids and adults alike. Clark's Trading Post combines the great outdoors, rides, shows and everything in-between. Road trips up to Northern New Hampshire were not complete without an experience like this. It has trains and bears, which is all you needed to know as a kid. Seriously I want to turn back time and relive my childhood.

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7. The Mount Washington Cog Railway (Bretton Woods, NH)

There is something about trains that brings out the inner child of each and every one of us. Something about all of the moving parts and running along the tracks just brings a smile out of nowhere. The Mount Washington Cog Railway is just the spot to relive that feeling and ride in a super-cool train. I would take another ride on those tracks any day to avoid the fact that I need to get my adult life back on track.

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