The best part is it's not like most museums where you are not allowed to touch anything. Visitors are encouraged to play with all of the games on display!

According to onlyinyourstate, Funspot in Laconia was founded in 1952 and by the 1990s the owner Bob Lawton (who still runs the museum today) realized he had enough games to merit a museum!

The museum has about 250 arcade and pinball machines and more in storage should they ever need them.

Between the constant stream of 80's tunes and the red tinted lighting, a visit to Funspot is a glorious blast from the past.

Did I mention they have an indoor mini golf course?

And if you pride yourself in your arcade game skills, every year they hold a tournament for people who want to set new arcade game records. People from the Guinness Book of World Records show up. It's a pretty big deal.

Keep calm and game on.

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