The Onion

As someone who is interested in current events, satire, and comedy, I LOVE The Onion. We are bombarded with insanely discouraging and depressing headlines daily and we are so desensitized to it all that yes, it’s kind of fun and light-hearted to see serious things taken in a humorous way sometimes.

For those of you unaware of The Onion, it is a satire news publication that uses a traditional news format to deliver hysterical satire based on international, national, and local current events, both real and fictional.

I get my daily dose of the satirical publication through their Twitter account with hysterical headlines tweeted out daily. I’m clearly not the only one enjoying their twisted humor, as 11.7 million other people follow their account.

It may not be entirely “PC” all the time but I personally love humor that is on the edge of ticking someone off. Their material is genius and well-written and these days, with the crazy headlines we’re seeing in the real news, it’s hard to tell sometimes what’s real and what’s satire. I see CNN headlines now that would make great Onion content.

The Onion & Maine

Maine has had its fair share of shoutouts through the publication and honestly, our state provides good material for it. I recently stumbled upon one of their headlines:

“Head Shop Owner Starting To Think No One Will Ever Buy $6,000 Glass Bong That Looks Like Genie From ‘Aladdin’”

I saw “Biddeford, Maine” as the lead which obviously sparked my interest.

The piece of satire was about an owner of a head shop in Biddeford bewildered that his $6,000 Aladdin genie bong wasn’t selling and that it seems people just want to buy $10 one-hitters.

I can attest to this as a girl who recently picked out her smoking piece based on the fact that it matched her toothbrush and cost less than 20 bucks.

Here are some other times Maine has been mentioned in The Onion:

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