I don't want to stereotype here, but it is common for older women to have an affection for stuffed animals. My auntie Dottie has been collecting cheetah stuffed animals for as long as I can remember! Her collection is actually pretty impressive.

An 86-year-old sassy broad named Nancy from Pawtucket, Rhode Island decided she was going to devote her entire stimulus check to buying stuffed animals. I am talking BIG stuffed animals too. She has Lions and tigers and bears, OH MY, but it doesn't stop there! She has a mama and baby penguin, zebras, llamas, even a polar bear! How that polar bear is surviving this balmy Summer weather is beyond me! But these stuffed animals were not a selfish purchase. No no, there was a method to her madness.

Nancy knows that this is a sad time for people with everything going on in the world. She also knows that animals make people happy! So she decided to display all of her new stuffed animals in her front yard in a "Petting Zoo" style scene and mission accomplished! People can't help but smile as they walk by. According to Sunny Skyz, Nancy realizes she could have spent her stimulus check on herself, but what her zoo is doing for other people is priceless. She said:

"It's worth everything. It makes me happy to see people happy again, even if it's only for a couple of minutes."

How sweet is that?

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