'90s kids are a breed of their own. We are built on Dunkaroos...

...Skip Its...

and we relied on Clarissa to Explain it All (if you know, you know).

'90s kids love to take a stroll down memory lane every chance they get. Let's face it, we grew up in a simpler time. One of my favorite conversations that I get into at least once a year with fellow '90s kids is reminiscing about the Nickelodeon TV shows from our youth. I'm talking GUTS, Salute Your Shorts, and even Weinerville (that one is for my elder millennials).

Did you know there is brewery dedicated to arguably the best decade in the history of decades? It's called Odd by Worcester, is downtown in the Mid Town Mall in Worcester, Massachusetts, and looks like a slice of '90s heaven. Notice the Blockbuster style sign, the Rugrats on the wall, and even Tupac (RIP).

This spot has quickly become a hot spot for New England '90s kids far and wide (and other generations as well)! If there's one thing we all can agree on, it's that beer and nostalgia always hit the spot. And even if you don't drink beer, this place seems like it serves up pretty elite vibes.

The Instagram account above, @tasting_twosome, is receiving some clapback from haters for not using a '90s song in this reel. I rarely take the side of the internet trolls, but there ARE so many gems to choose from.

This would be my pick:

If you are looking for some fun with a side of nostalgia this weekend, Odd By Worcester seems like a pretty solid option.

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