Getty Images/Jeff Zelevansky

I know Pats fans aren't supposed to but I like Peyton Manning. I like watching him play, I think he's great whenever he's on SNL, and he seems like a good guy in interviews. Heck, we even had the same neck surgery but that's another story. So why do Pats fans hate this guy?

The whole "OMAHA" and silly audible routine is annoying, I'll grant that, but I think a large part of it has to do with a bizarre insecurity about Tom Brady. It's like Peyton having success somehow diminishes Tom Brady's accomplishments. Settle down people, it doesn't. Larry Bird is still Larry Legend despite winning fewer championships than Magic Johnson-- they were the two greatest players of the 80's. No matter who wins Sunday, Tom Brady will still have three Super Bowl rings. While I don't really have a rooting interest other than for an entertaining game, I do hope Peyton Manning plays well because I like to see great players be great-- and besides, I kind of like the guy.