Typically, my motto is "if it ain't broke don't fix it!" ESPECIALLY with something that is pretty perfect the way it is. Ice cream has been delivering joy to people's bellies and hearts one scoop at a time since the 1800's. You can remake every Disney movie known to man but when it comes to ice cream JUST LEAVE IT ALONE. That's what the old me would have said. That was until I discovered the latest trend in ice cream consumption and I must say...I am here for it.

The rolled ice cream fad is said to have originated in Thailand. It is also referred to as "stir fried ice cream" because unlike most ice creams that are made ahead of time, rolled ice cream is made to order by hand! Rolled ice cream is more aesthetically pleasing (aka Instagram worthy) than your ordinary scoop of ice cream and it is said to taste exactly like the ice cream we all know and love.

Of course you need to try it for yourself to form your own educated opinion! Will you be a convert to the rolled ice cream way of life? Or are you more of a purist who wants to stick to traditional scoops?

Wicked Mini Cafe on Islington Street in Portsmouth is bringing back their rolled ice cream. Their most popular flavors are Fruity Pebbles:

Wicked Mini Cafe via Facebook
Wicked Mini Cafe via Facebook


Cookie Monster

And Oreo

Wicked Mini Portsmouth did not reveal the exact date that rolled ice cream will be making a comeback so keep an eye on their Facebook for all of the updates!

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