According to The World’s Ugliest Dog was crowned Friday night at the Sonoma-Marin Fair in Petaluma, California.

The winner was, well, ugly.  His name is Scamp the Tramp.

Formerly a street dog from Compton, California, he was rescued in 2014 by his owner and has since turned his life around by staying off the streets and working hard by visiting Seniors and school children as a sort of roving ambassador for pet adoption and kindness, the article stated.

But fear not, New England was represented in the competition.

According to, Tostito, a Chihuahua from Falmouth, Maine, took home 3rd place and also won the “Spirit” award.

My daughter has a rescue Chihuahua named “Papi,” so I know all about the type of spirt the breed has.

Cheers to Tostito for bringing home 3rd place and the Spirit award.  It may not be the Stanley Cup, but it will have to do.  We are all winners when we support pet adoption.


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