What could make your job better? More money? Sure...I think everyone could use more cash. Perhaps more vacation time or personal days would be good. But what about a four day workweek?

Think about it...every Monday while others are getting up early to slog through a New England winter commute...you could be tucked away, warm and snug under the covers. Or if you had Friday off you could get a jump on the weekend traffic to your camp or out of town getaway. Either one would be amazing.

According to an article in the New York Times, a company in New Zealand tried it out just to see what would happen. And the results were totally unexpected. Employees were more creative, fewer people called off sick or showed up late, and they didn't leave early or take longer breaks.

The article says the experiment was so successful that they're looking for a way to make the change permanent!

So this morning we asked the question: If you could have a four day work week...which day would you want off: Monday or Friday? Most people say Friday. But not everyone. And some of you got a little creative with your schedule.

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