OMG Could I BE anymore excited?! (said like Chandler Bing) If you listen to 'Chio and Kira in the Morning' you know I am a die hard 'Friends' fanatic. I quote the show at least once a day and every night I turn on 'Friends' on Netflix before I go to bed. I find it soothing. Since I've seen the entire series multiple times, I don't feel compelled to stay awake and finish an episode. I just listen to Rachel and Ross argue about if they were on a break and drift off into a sweet slumber.

According to WBZ, the pop-up is in honor of the 25th anniversary of the show. It opens in the Fenway neighborhood on Nov. 21 and runs until Jan. 5. Sadly Rachel and Joey won't be there hanging out at Central Perk but according to the article, there will be more than 50 original props from the show and precise set recreations. Think about the Instagram worthy backdrops here, people!! Haven't you always wanted to play foosball on Joey and Chandlers foosball table? Or peek through Rachel and Monica's purple apartment door? Well, now you can! Tickets go on sale Friday at noon at

It's good to see the cast of 'Friends' is figuring out new ways to stay rich even when their show gets pulled from Netflix. Side note, when Friends gets pulled from Netflix, how will I sleep at night?

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