If you did not know, Buffalo Wild Wings is coming to Portsmouth, New Hampshire's newest development, West End Yards.

The large development is an extension of the downtown portion of Portsmouth. It is now home to townhouses, apartments, a gym facility (F45), and other businesses like Buffalo Wild Wings (set to open some time in the summer of 2023).

So, to the new owners, managers, and anyone involved in the day-to-day operations of BWW:

First, we want to welcome you. That's what we do around here.

Personally, I am thrilled to have another big sports bar in the area. This location is phenomenal as it is at a different end of downtown, so less traffic.

Secondly, many of us are skeptical. And here come some warnings.

We have our local restaurants, bars, breweries, and wing spots already.

Now, I think it's important to make this letter positive and upfront.

We like local. We like our bartenders to know our names and orders, support our little league teams, and be involved in the community.

I know Buffalo Wild Wings is a franchise, yet privately owned and operated. Remind us of that. Please do not try and take customers from Wing-Itz, The Goat, The Shanty, Revolution in Rochester (whose tenders are a hidden gem), and so many more.

Blend in. Become a staple on the Seacoast, not a competitor to our small, family-owned spots. I know you will. Others are doubtful, but I am hopeful.

Don't be BWW the franchise, be "Portsmouth's Buffalo Wild Wings." We want your bartenders, managers, and hosts to be local. We want to talk to them about their holiday plans, and have them listen to ours.

We want to give back to our own. We want to support OUR people.

Get to know us. Come out and sponsor local community events. Know us by name, and have specials for locals.

Have 80% of your taps be local, not two rotating locals. Show the local breweries you will support them, not hinder their business.

I write this letter out of excitement, not fear.

When I saw BWW coming near me, I was pumped. BWW is a great sports bar vibe. It is fun. It is where I would stop and go get food alone when I was traveling for work. That's when it hit me. I needed to write this.

Many people from Portsmouth, born and raised, will be skeptical. I have already seen the negative comments.

I do not believe that is necessary. I think you can easily blend into our day-to-day restaurants with the right steps, employees, and actions.

I look forward to coming in and crushing a few pops with some of my favorite chicken wings myself.

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