The Hope that Wesley Will Be Remembered


It’s a loss that every parent fears, but no parent other than one that has lost a child can truly relate to.  Sadly, Wesley Belisle of Manchester died after being hit by a rogue wave while walking along a beach in North Carolina.  He was just four years old.  Wesley passed away in 2018 but the loss hasn’t eased for his parents according to reporting from


A New Playground at the School Wesley Would Have Attended


Lindsey and Derek Belisle have put their grief into action.  They have been working with a program called Where Angels Play Foundation. The foundation builds and designs playgrounds for cities and schools.  Lindsey tells that “I believe our loved ones can be angels making things happen.  I feel like Wesley has guided us on this path.”  The foundation incorporates some of the child’s favorite colors into each playground built or some other structure that is meaningful to the child.  Although Wesley was not disabled, he had friends who were so there will be some activates in the playground for children with special needs.  There will also be a lot of orange, which was Wesley’s favorite color.


Bringing Awareness through Wesley's Way Foundation

The Belisle’s have also worked on a foundation bringing awareness to the dangers of the ocean and to help promote literacy and education along with providing playgrounds and a safe place to play.  May Wesley’s memory be a blessing.  It’s good to know that his memory will live on in the playground where he would have attended school.



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