One preschool in Georgetown, Massachusetts is reportedly discouraging children from using the term 'Best Friend' while they're at school.

According to an article from WBZ in Boston, the Pentucket Workshop Preschool in Georgetown told one 4-year-old student that she could not use the term 'best friend' while she was at school.

WBZ spoke to the child's mother, Christine Hartwell, and she says it's 'ridiculous.' 

Hartwell went on to say: 'Children who are four years old speak from their heart. They should be able to call kids anything loving. You’re my best friend. You’re my best pal.'

In the article, the Georgetown preschool is said to have offered an explanation to the parents of the child in question. Saying, the term best friend “can lead other children to feel excluded” and it “can ultimately lead to the formation of “cliques” and “outsiders.”

The preschool wrote, they 'encourage children to have a broader group of friends, and foster inclusion at this particular age.'

Do you think children should be able to use 'best friends' while at school? Or, do you think it excludes other children? I'd love to hear your take on this.


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