An Acton, Massachusetts, teen came up with a unique (but dangerous) way to ask a girl to prom… by starting a fire in the driveway.

WCVB reported that the good news was no one got hurt, nothing caught on fire, and most importantly she said YES!

I tell you what, that would have really sucked if she said no! I would have been like, "Are you serious?"

Jacob Hanley, a senior at Acton-Boxborough High School invited two friends, including his intended date, Claire Langin, upstairs, according to WCVB. He excused himself and said he had to go to the bathroom and then ran outside to put his plan in motion.

Once he was outside, he had some other friends help him light the fire, the news station stated, then he blasted heavy metal music to get the girl to come to the window.

I would have chosen country music, but that's just me. LOL.

She looked out the window, and in flames saw the word “Prom?” burning in the driveway, WCVB stated.

The boy’s mom told WCVB that he’s a creative guy and was looking for a way to make a big splash.

I would have just sent her a text. Wanna go to prom, please check yes or no.

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