Welp, can't say I saw this one coming.

Beginning March 9th, Middlebury College in Vermont will stop selling Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy at retail locations on campus citing their connection to"

[I]ncreased alcohol consumption, increased likelihood to drive while intoxicated, increased probability of use of other intoxicating substance and increased participation in high-risk sexual activity."

Other contributing factors to the ban are more directly related to health issues and include problems related to "cardiovascular events, seizures and liver damage."

According to MiddleburyCampus.com, the dining services mission statement is to "nourish and nurture today and tomorrow by sustaining mind, body and earth." While one could argue that Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy may temporarily prevent mind, body and earth from meeting in a heap on the floor, I don't think anyone could argue that there is anything nourishing or nurturing about the drinks.

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We should also emphasize they are not banning energy drinks from the campus, a criticism that will likely be leveled on Facebook feeds everywhere. Congratulations, you've skimmed enough to know that isn't the case! They are simply not selling them on campus  It is also worth mentioning that Middlebury College is a private institution.

It's a safe bet that coffee sales on campus will see a significant uptick.