A New Hampshire state trooper’s home was robbed, and the suspect was caught on video walking casually away with the stolen goods dangling from his mouth.

The police are stating that no charges will be pressed if the property is returned, and the suspect is armed and dangerous... armed with sharp claws and sharp teeth and perhaps an angry mother nearby.

All kidding aside, New Hampshire police are issuing an alert to be mindful that bears are out and searching for food for themselves and their cubs.

The New Hampshire State Police posted this wild video of a bear walking off with some property right by a state trooper's place:



While adorable, approaching a bear cub can put you in serious danger of angering a mom who doesn’t know what your intentions are with her cubs.  So be alert and aware.

It might be time to invest in bear-proof trash cans and take down your bird feeders.  Make sure you clean your barbecue grill thoroughly after each use.  Bears love those drippings inside your grill.

In the meantime, if you see a darling cub strolling along with the trooper’s property, make sure you report it.

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