Generations of parents have tried to figure out how to get kids to eat their vegetables. I was lucky, my boys loved them. But most of my friend's kids hated them. They probably wouldn't have had my friends know this simple trick. All you have to do is jazz up the name a little bit.

Dan Kitwood via Getty Images
Dan Kitwood via Getty Images

According to Time, researchers at Stanford spent about a month changing up the signs next to vegetables in the cafeteria. Then they watched how many students ate each vegetable when they called it different things. They tried boring labels, like "corn" and "green beans."  Then they tried "vitamin-rich corn" and "reduced-sodium corn." But it  didn't really much of a difference.

However, named it "rich, buttery, roasted sweet corn," 25% more students ate it. And the servings were 23% bigger. It's important to note, the recipes stayed the same. "Rich, buttery" corn was exactly the same as when they just called it "corn."  It also worked the same way with other vegetables too.

So the next time you want your child to eat a kale salad....oh hang on, NO kid is going to eat a kale matter what you call it.

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